Types of Mulch

There are many types of mediums and materials, that can be used for mulch, which are available to the Edmonton homeowner. Mulching can be very beneficial for your trees and shrubs, and can improve the overall appearance of your landscape.   

Mulch can come in many different forms and from many different sources.

Mulch materials can be divided into 2 main categories:   Inorganic and Organic.

Inorganic mulch can consist of rocks, gravel, stone, shale, plastic, or rubber and are often applied, primarily, for decorative purposes. Inorganic mulches do not provide the same benefits as Organic mulch as they do not aid in adding soil nutrients and structure, as they do not break down in the soil.  These materials also can be detrimental to your tree or landscape, due to the temperatures that they absorb during extreme weather.

Organic Mulch can consist of materials such as bark or wood chips, and leaf mulch, to name a few. These organic mulches will break down, or decompose over time, which will add tremendously to the soil nutrients. There are many more benefits to organic mulches over inorganic, from the tree’s perspective.

When choosing a mulching medium, you will need to consider the availability of what you choose, and the attributes they provide.  Your Certified Arborist can discuss with you about the benefits of mulch and what mulch may work best in your environment.

Your Edmonton Arborist can provide you with clean, disease-free wood chips and bark material, as they are easily accessible.  These organic Mulches are an excellent choice for your trees, shrubs and landscape!

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