Tree And Shrub Fertilization

Each function that occurs in your plant requires nutrients for normal growth.  Due to certain environmental causes, such as temperature and soil quality, all plants need supplemental nutrients which can easily be found in what are know as complete formulated fertilizers.

A complete fertilizer contains a ratio of Nutrients including:  Nitrogen(N), Phosophorous (P), and Potassium (K). Nitrogen is required for healthy, vigorous lush foliage. Phosophorous aids in strong active root systems, fruit and flower development.  Potassium will ensure the hardiness of plant tissue, many colourful flowers and reproductive fruit. These three Macronutrients, along with micronutrients, are essential for the healthy development and physiological processes in your trees and shrubs.

Fertilization applications can be applied by a root probe which is injected directly into the root zones.  These slow- release applications, which are suspended in water when applied, break down in the soil, and become available for absorption by the plants roots.  Applications in Spring and Summer, as well as a lower Nitrogen Application in the Late Fall can aid the plant in winter hardiness of the plant tissues. Fall applications will also allow the available residual nutrients to be available to the plant into the Spring, as the plant may need them.  Remember, that fertilizer, like water, is often not able to bypass  grass roots sufficiently to reach the tree roots below the turf surface.  The absorbing roots of the tree are usually within the top 12” inches of the soil.  The specialized tree and shrub root probe injection system for fertilization is the most optimal way to ensure tree root accessibility. Often this system will water the plant simultaneously, and will allow immediate uptake by the root system.

To ensure the health and vibrancy of your trees and shrubs in Edmonton, contact your Certified Arborist to consult and plan an appropriate Fertilization Program.

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