Hiring The Best Edmonton Arborist

Hiring the best Edmonton Arborist can be a tricky decision, and is not one to take lightly.  There are many local tree service companies that claim to be Arborists, however it is important to do your homework, and ensure that these individuals, truly are what they claim to be.

An Arborist is a specialist in all aspects of the care, health, maintenance and science of trees. When choosing an arborist, you should ensure that you are selecting an individual that will provide their proof of their International Society of Arboriculture Certification.

An ISA Certified Arborist is equipped with the experience, knowledge and expertise to determine the correct tree maintenance and tree care required. They can perform accurate tree assessments, and identify tree diseases, insect problems, and tree hazards that may be of concern. They will also, only perform industry acceptable and ethical tree care practices. The Arborist you select should always have Proof of Insurance, WCB coverage, and the appropriate permits and licences required to legally operate.  Always ask for references from previous, recent clients that will verify the Arborist’s quality of work, efficiency and integrity.

The best Arborists in Edmonton are honest, transparent and thorough, providing you with a very detailed quotation or estimate. Your quotation or estimate should include a detailed site diagram, a tree and shrub identification inventory, an accurate description of the work required, and   the appropriate timelines to complete the work.  Your final, written pricing, with applicable taxes, should be very clear and precise. The Arborist you select should also have your specific approvals for the proposed work, prior to any work commencing.

Keep in mind that the most reputable and professional Edmonton Arborists are often very busy. Prepare yourself to sometimes be booking your required work weeks to even months in advance.  In most cases, great caution should be given to companies that can be available immediately or provide same-day services.

Hiring the best Edmonton Arborist, will be an obvious decision once the potential candidates have proven themselves and your investigation and research have been completed.

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