Benefits Of Mulching

“Mulching” is a term that refers to providing a protective layer of material over the rootzone area of your trees and shrubs.  There are many types of “mulching” materials available.   Mulching provides many benefits for your trees and shrubs, especially in our Edmonton climate.

Appearance – Mulch can improve the overall appearance and aesthetics of your trees and shrubs, by improving your curb appeal and can help to increase your property value by beautifying your landscape.

Moderates Temperature Fluctuations – Here in Alberta within a single day, the temperatures can vary substantially. Mulching the rootzone can help to keep roots protected from extreme cold in the Winter, and from extreme heat in the Summer.  Mulching can help to mediate these great temperature fluctuations at the root zones and will aid in keeping the soil temperatures more constant.

Retains Moisture – Organic mulches, such as wood chips or bark will absorb water and keep it stored at the rootzone area.  This will aid trees and shrubs, from the negative effects of drought stress and can reduce the frequency  for watering.

Controls Weeds  Reduces germination of unsightly weeds, that can use up needed water and nutrients from the soil around your trees and shrubs.

Protects Tree Trunks and Roots – Physically protects the tree roots from mechanical injury such as, lawnmower scalping or weed trimmer damage.  Provides a buffer to reduce tripping on exposed tree roots that may be at the surface of the soil.

Prevents Soil Erosion  Mulching creates a physical barrier, reducing the impacts of hard splashing rainwater from eroding or washing away the soil at the root zones of your trees and shrubs. The weight of the mulching material will hold the soil down from wind erosion as well.

Maintains Soil Nutrients – Organic mulches such as bark or wood chips will aid in adding improved nutrient availability to the soil at the root zones.   Over time, the material will break down and decompose, giving the soil improved structure and added organic nutrients and minerals. This process will continue to improve the overall health and vigour of your trees.

These are some reasons why “mulching” your trees and shrubs are beneficial.  The benefits of mulching will help to enhance and improve the overall health of your trees and shrubs, while improving your overall landscape.  Your Arborist in Edmonton can consult with you to choose your best mulching options.

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